Makers of fine, handcrafted electric guitars. Created with exceptional sound, aesthetics and playability.


Welcome to Brooks Cobb Guitars. We are proud to offer these carefully crafted instruments, made for musicians, by a musician. All of our guitars are created using only the finest materials, providing a look and sound unlike any other.

We have three beautiful guitar models to choose from, each one precisely designed to offer a unique, fine-tuned sound every time. In addition, each model possesses a wide range of customization options, truly allowing you to find that perfect tone. At Brooks Cobb Guitars, we want to help you on your exciting journey of owning a custom-made guitar, specifically suited to match your needs.

Access your full potential as a musician, and unlock a whole new world of creative expression. Contact Us today to get started on your way toward creating your own guitar. Whether you're a novice, or a full-fledged guitar veteran, everyone with a passion for music deserves the best tools available. With years of experience, both building and playing, Brooks Cobb Guitars seeks to bring quality instruments to eager hands, and beautiful music to eager ears.

Why Brooks Cobb Guitars is Different

When the guitar is completely done, I immediately turn on the amp. As the glass tubes are warming up I take a moment to look back over the build and remember where I have been on that particular journey. Flipping the standby switch on, I roll the volume knob and the tone swells into the world. I put the guitar through its paces and each setting inspire notes or melodies or chords, rich with happiness and pure joy I remember why I started doing this in the first place. Music is the only foreign language I’ve ever been any good at and I love it with all that I am.

- Brooks Cobb